York River State Park ~ Mountain Biking

York River State Park.
It's easy going down on the River View Trail.
Hard going up.
Sweet cheeks.
He knows it make me happy when he lets me take his photo.
What a good son.
At the cross trail, I stopped to take a photo.
I was stalling
because as family navigator
I was lost.
The sun sets in the West.
Glad this was not a ride at high noon.
My DSLR is no fun in the backpack, so while I rode my mountain bike
I slung it over my shoulders and took some shots in motion from the hip.
My husband warned me it was dangerous.
We both remember when I flipped over my handle bars July 4th.
Ha, I laugh at danger to get the shot...
I never really got a good shot but I'm hooked on the possibility.
York River in the evening.
North of the Coleman Bridge and Yorktown, VA.
Great views and trails.
The blur tells a story.
The story is, I'm not very good, yet.
Does that Blackberry have to go EVERYWHERE with us?
Chuck it into the river with the Revolutionary War cannons for the archeologists to find.  

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