A Gift to Brighten Your Day ~ Flowers

This Spring I could not resist these beautiful flowers that hung over my fence from my neighbor's yard.  Snip, snip.  The blue hydrangeas photographed beautifully in the evening light.  My daughter was aghast that I "stole" flowers from the neighbor.  The same flowers she took to school for teacher appreciation day.  Accomplice at a young age.

I ran across these photos and wanted to share these bright blue beauties.  These photos are significant to me because they helped me get the photography bug.  They are so much easier to photograph than photographing wiggly babies or children who mug for the camera.  Simple pleasures.

  Have a wonderful weekend!

Love the blurred background.
Low f-stop.

This vase was a wedding gift from a fb friend who worked at the Bon in Boise.
I still have it and use it often!


Apeture's Toy Camera Action


  1. Hydangeas are one of my fave flowers. My bridesmaids held white/green bunches. I wish we could grow them here.
    I really like the Be necklaces.

  2. tara-thanks. i can grow them here but I've killed too many so now i just enjoy my neighbors. my first year i trimmed the stalks back too far. the second year i did the same. the third year, i gave up. the fourth year two friends brought me two more. the fifth year, i forgot to water them. my nana told me when i was little that she used to put fish bones in the soil around them to change the white or pink to blue. i've always wanted to try that but I have a cat. poor me. next year i will photograph the white ones from the other neighbor's fence line for you.