Fort Washington, Maryland ~ Part 2 ~ Textures and Patterns.

Fort Washington in Fort Washington, Maryland is across the Potomac River from Mount Vernon.  Recently, I posted about the fort and wanted to share some of the neat details I found through the lens of my camera.

Fort Washington, a drawbridge, wheel, green studded fortress door, and wrought iron details.
Cannons deep under the fort walls.
Wrought iron details that give me some jewelry ideas.
Old lock.  More jewelry ideas.
I buckled and used my flash.   Shame on me.
If I bumped up my ISO I may have been able to take this photo in Manual Mode.

I can form and solder sterling silver to make this pattern.
Why don't I have a window like this in my house.
Columns and pulley hole for the drawbridge.
Who knew you could find a drawbridge in the U.S.?
Who doesn't like lighthouses and old bells.
On the Potomac River.

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