Rope swinging ~ Catch the feeling.

Me.  Happy, happy, happy!
Idaho on the Salmon River
Love his sweet cheeks.
Little athlete.  Reminds me of a Nike ad.  We had to yell "drop!"
Brave 5 year old.
 She got braver when the camera came into play.

Rope swinging in Idaho is one of my most favorite activities to do on vacation.  As a stay-home-busy-as-heck-mother, it is fun to let loose sometimes.  My brother, his family and my kids had a great time on the swing.  My 11-year old niece took this great photo of me on the rope swing one evening.  I warned them to watch out, I'm going to mug for the camera.  She caught it.   We all took turns trying to get that fun mid-air action shot.  

Jewelry inspirations.  
New to my collection Fall 2010.
This exhilaration you see in the photo is what I feel when I watch my kids do well in life, school and sports.  It is also a good, external, example of how I feel inside when I make jewelry and get a piece just right.  Goosebumps.  

Jewelry Inspirations.
 New to my collection Fall 2010

Hearts - Vacation Inspirations

My daughter's heart collection from our beach on the Salmon River in Lucile, Idaho.  
She wanted to pack them in our luggage to go home. 

 I have to confess...I like hearts and use them often in my jewelry designs.
 This little precious metal clay heart reminds me of my daughter's rock heart design.
 Garnet and pearl.
Celtic knot.  Choker necklace new to my collection.
 Not a heart,  however I "heart" this necklace and had to share.
Pearl, ruby, green gem 

For several years my sister-in-law and I have started to search for heart shaped rocks on vacation after I read an article about a woman who did the same at her magnificent beach house.  My daughter loves this beach time activity.  One problem, on this vacation we flew home.

As we were packing to go home my daughter shouted "don't forget my rock collection!" I paused and thought about my best option.  I asked her to line them up on the deck and I'd take a picture.  My mother promised to use them in her garden as decorations and she can add to the collection when we visit.  As we left, she picked her favorite rock and brought it home to give to Daddy as a vacation keepsake.  So generous.

I use hearts often in my jewelry designs.   In the past, friends as asked me about the hearts and I told them that I only use hearts because they sell well and certain customers really like hearts.  Over time I realized the truth, I really like hearts because there are so many things to love...life, God, husband, children, family, friends, humor, work...I love hearts.


Jewelry Feedback "Thank you, pretty you!"

Precious Metal Clay and Garnet


When I create a piece of jewelry I always wonder who will wear it and how.  I'm sure it is the same for many artist, regardless of what you create.  I love feedback and get so excited when I'm out and about and see somebody wearing my jewelry.  I never know what to say.  Inside I smile and get goosebumps.

The special person who wears this PMC double charm necklace and garnet told me she LOVES this piece and wears it almost everyday.  I need to get a photo of you, special friend.

I love feedback.  Thanks!

As I create my blog, I will have a section where I can post photos of you wearing my jewelry.  I'll send you a little thank you.  More to follow as I create a program..."Thank you, pretty you!"


Blueberries.  Son "So this is what it feels like being a farmer"
We made blueberry pancakes for dinner.
Found the star feature on my camera.
Learning to shoot in manual mode. Too dark.
 My son "don't let her near MY blueberries!"
I ask my insistent model to step away while I play with camera settings...
I hear a scream
While I was not looking...
Brother squirted her in the face to keep her away from his blueberries
"What? I was just watering MY blueberries"
See blurred hose nozzle in his hand as he is trying to hide it.

Photography Assistant ~ age "five and a quarter"

Thought to myself "if I just put bunny to the side I can crop later"

My photographer assistant (age "five and a quarter") insisted bunny being center stage.
She promised I'd sell more jewelry.

For all the women who have a home business and have children at home you can relate.

This is good example of how our days get highjacked and why I need to work at night.

"Mom, whatcha doing?"  "Oh, can I help?"  Ugh, no.  "Sure, hold this filter and stand in front of the sun while I take photos."  She was helpful for about 5 minutes.  The boredom dance began.   She had suggestions....  "Oh, wait just a minute, I have an idea."  Off to her room.  Back with a handful of stuffed animals.  Oh, boy, the highjack begins.  

"Mom, if you put the jewelry on my beautiful birthday bunny, your customers will love it and buy it"

The bunny did make an appearance in some of my jewelry photos in my Etsy site.

So, excited that this sea glass bracelet will be going home this month and stored away for a Christmas gift for a grandmother.  We are putting fine silver fingerprints of 5 grandchildren on it and a few more handcrafted sea life charms.  It is going to be so special!  I will post photos when it is complete.

Today, I print 2 more grandchildren.

Pure sea glass
Sterling silver
Fine silver
Italian chain
Mermaid charm
More "highjacking"
Pup swiped the bracelet during a shoot.

random with a pattern

One of my very first custom ordered designs came from a wonderful lady who became my friend. She requested a bracelet, inspiration photos in hand and said "random with a pattern." We both cocked our heads, smiled at each other, and let the quiet fill the room. Was she testing me? I was eager to please. I knew she wanted a conversation piece of jewelry to wear to an event and to go with her outfit she purchased. I created a three-strand mixed bead bracelet with black, grey and silver beads in a subtle pattern. She loved the design and I have had to pleasure to create many pieces for her.

Lucky for me "random with a pattern" turned out to be perfect design parameters.

Three years later I use "random with a pattern" as a design mantra. Not only does it work as a description of my new found jewelry passion, it also happens to sum up the way I tend to live life.