Hearts - Vacation Inspirations

My daughter's heart collection from our beach on the Salmon River in Lucile, Idaho.  
She wanted to pack them in our luggage to go home. 

 I have to confess...I like hearts and use them often in my jewelry designs.
 This little precious metal clay heart reminds me of my daughter's rock heart design.
 Garnet and pearl.
Celtic knot.  Choker necklace new to my collection.
 Not a heart,  however I "heart" this necklace and had to share.
Pearl, ruby, green gem 

For several years my sister-in-law and I have started to search for heart shaped rocks on vacation after I read an article about a woman who did the same at her magnificent beach house.  My daughter loves this beach time activity.  One problem, on this vacation we flew home.

As we were packing to go home my daughter shouted "don't forget my rock collection!" I paused and thought about my best option.  I asked her to line them up on the deck and I'd take a picture.  My mother promised to use them in her garden as decorations and she can add to the collection when we visit.  As we left, she picked her favorite rock and brought it home to give to Daddy as a vacation keepsake.  So generous.

I use hearts often in my jewelry designs.   In the past, friends as asked me about the hearts and I told them that I only use hearts because they sell well and certain customers really like hearts.  Over time I realized the truth, I really like hearts because there are so many things to love...life, God, husband, children, family, friends, humor, work...I love hearts.

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