random with a pattern

One of my very first custom ordered designs came from a wonderful lady who became my friend. She requested a bracelet, inspiration photos in hand and said "random with a pattern." We both cocked our heads, smiled at each other, and let the quiet fill the room. Was she testing me? I was eager to please. I knew she wanted a conversation piece of jewelry to wear to an event and to go with her outfit she purchased. I created a three-strand mixed bead bracelet with black, grey and silver beads in a subtle pattern. She loved the design and I have had to pleasure to create many pieces for her.

Lucky for me "random with a pattern" turned out to be perfect design parameters.

Three years later I use "random with a pattern" as a design mantra. Not only does it work as a description of my new found jewelry passion, it also happens to sum up the way I tend to live life.

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