Photography Assistant ~ age "five and a quarter"

Thought to myself "if I just put bunny to the side I can crop later"

My photographer assistant (age "five and a quarter") insisted bunny being center stage.
She promised I'd sell more jewelry.

For all the women who have a home business and have children at home you can relate.

This is good example of how our days get highjacked and why I need to work at night.

"Mom, whatcha doing?"  "Oh, can I help?"  Ugh, no.  "Sure, hold this filter and stand in front of the sun while I take photos."  She was helpful for about 5 minutes.  The boredom dance began.   She had suggestions....  "Oh, wait just a minute, I have an idea."  Off to her room.  Back with a handful of stuffed animals.  Oh, boy, the highjack begins.  

"Mom, if you put the jewelry on my beautiful birthday bunny, your customers will love it and buy it"

The bunny did make an appearance in some of my jewelry photos in my Etsy site.

So, excited that this sea glass bracelet will be going home this month and stored away for a Christmas gift for a grandmother.  We are putting fine silver fingerprints of 5 grandchildren on it and a few more handcrafted sea life charms.  It is going to be so special!  I will post photos when it is complete.

Today, I print 2 more grandchildren.

Pure sea glass
Sterling silver
Fine silver
Italian chain
Mermaid charm
More "highjacking"
Pup swiped the bracelet during a shoot.

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