Rock Balancing ~ Impress your friends...watch your toes

Rock balancing.
A garden of balanced rocks.
Rock balancing by Wayne, not aliens.
Wayne had the special touch.  

Next summer, I will have new beach hobby in addition to searching for heart shaped rocks.  Rock balancing.  My mother and Wayne said they learned it from some local men in Mexico who balanced rocks to entertain tourists and earn tips.  We did our balancing in the evening after cocktail time and I found it to be a bit challenging.  It took me a very long time to balance one shoe sized rock. 

I am very happy that I had my camera.  The rocks at sunset were beautiful and a fun keepsake from our trip.  Wish I could fit the heart shaped one in my luggage.  Maybe my mother will add it to her heart garden she is starting for the grandkids.  Hint.

All the best!


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