First Day of School

What do you call it when both of your children go to school all day for the first time?

Unemployed? No, not really. 
Empty nester?  No, that is when they go to college.
Confused? Maybe.  I'm a work in progress.
Happy?  Yes.  They're happy, I'm happy.
Invigorated?  Yes.  Time for jewelry and proper workouts.

I cannot put to words they joy I have to see my kids go to school together, with bright smiles on their faces, and ready to learn.

My daughter was so excited to get her hands on the school clothes we purchased over the summer which I would not let her wear until school started.  She wanted to wear a thick sweater dress and black go-go boots.   I suggested the sundress and she agreed.  The boots were another story.  We battled.   As a parent we have to pick our battles.   We both stood firm.  I was afraid for her to start her day in tears, but she accepted my many arguments (pleading) and wore a better choice of shoe for the first day. 

Her teacher let parents walk their kids into the class.  I loved to see how excited and anxious she was to be there and get on with the big day.  She found her seat, organized her desk, met a new friend (with glasses) and then gave me a look to let me know it was my time to leave.  I ignored her cue.  She had to tell me to leave.   

My son, was off like a rocket to his class with a backhanded wave "Bye, mom."  He tried not to make eye contact with me, however, when I caught his eyes with mine they silently told me "please don't kiss me in the hall."  He was on to me.   Darn, I should have snuck one on the top of his head during the walk to school.  

The second day, he  rode his bike.   No more holding my hand as he skipped to school.  That's okay, really.  It's good to grow-up.

Just the face a parent wants to see!
A happy face after walking out of school on the day of Kindergarten.

My kids.
First day of school 2010-2011
A good outfit.
I tried to get one last photo before they went into school.
They are so irritated with me.
This photo is too funny not to share.
I walked her to the class and lingered.   We were allowed in on the first day.
"Okay, mom, you can leave now."

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