Maryland Science Center ~ Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Baltimore's Inner Harbor as seen from the front of the Maryland Science Center.  The building with the pyramid roof is the  National Aquarium (previous post).

In my January meeting of our photography club we were given tips to tilt your camera to add a different look to a photograph.  The tilt in this photo looks great with the geometric sculptures and the shapes of the buildings along the harbor edge.   To be honest, this photo makes me dizzy, but it highlights what I like about Baltimore so much.  Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a visually stimulating location and a lot of fun for the family.

Baltimore is also a very old city.  The vintage editing of this photograph also suggests how I also see the city.
I'd love to get out of tourist areas and photograph the old row houses, urban art and statues.

There is so much history here.

 A must see history location in Baltimore is Fort McHenry. Just around the corner.  The Fort McHenry's visitor center has a great movie about the War of 1812 and the creation of the "The Star Spangled Banner" poem by Francis Scott Key.
 Maybe I'll post about this site in the Spring. 

Dinosaurs!  Run for your life!
My son was a good sport.
 My daughter told me "Mom, you are embarrassing me."
  Me, "What? Why? I'm only taking photos."
 Peering at me over her glasses "Mom, please put your camera away."
How embarrassing am I going to be when she is a tween?

The MSC has a lot of interactive displays.
This computer is in the dinosaur exhibit area and lets the kids
create a colorful dinosaur and email it to a special someone.
My husband in the background was the lucky recipient.

 I metered off my son's face.  I really like how the windows in the background are so bright.

Newton's Alley.

She was on the winning side every time, of course.

Newton's Alley.
He worked up a good sweat by cranking the handle to move the marbles through the maze.

Now I'm having fun.
 He looks like the front cover of an album.

Through the fish tank.  

Bed of nails.
 You lay down and then the nails raise you off the platform.  The nails are about half way extended in this photo.

At this point, I decided to put away my camera and interact with my children.  We listed to a presentation about the solar system and went to the planetarium.   About two hours in we decided it was time to eat, so missed the entire third floor, IMAX and special traveling exhibits.  Now we have something new to do when we go back again.
A plug for West Springfield Little League.
Got Ball?

This is a lesson on paying attention to your background.
  I wanted to get a shot of him in front of the harbor line
and I ended up with my son and a lovely street lamp.

So long!

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