Precious Metal Clay ~ Making a chain

PMC Pendant

I made the chain by hammering sterling silver, drilling holes at each end and attaching the jump rings.  The chain links are textured and oxidized.  The pendant was fired with a handheld torch for 7 minutes.  The pendant is thick and heavy giving the necklace a nice weight.  Heavy enough to not slide off center and light enough to wear everyday.  

Flower on Opposite Side

I've been doing some research about jewelry photography and read a tip from a jewelry show judge that you should never include the clasp in your photo.  Not sure I agree.  Maybe this is best for publication.  As a customer, I want to see what I am buying and as a seller, I'd like all the details to be up front for a customer.  

My goal is to enter my PMC jewelry into some competitions and book projects.   My next pieces will be layered and three dimensional. 

These photos are a bit darker than I'd like.  I had time in the morning to take photos and did not want to run around the house to find the right spot of sun.  My natural light photography should improve soon.  This weekend I'm headed to a photography class in Washington, D.C.   I expect to learn many things that will help with my business. I'll post more detail about my class on Wednesday.  

Flower PMC Pendant
Two holes for jump rings

This necklace is a teaser, because I am keeping it for myself.  Sorry!  I will make another someday.  In the meantime I'm ready to make some noise and hammer my silver.  Everybody is at school and work so I'm free to experiment. 

My steel block and yard sale hammer.
1 inch sterling silver  read for shaping

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