Fort Washington, Maryland ~ Part 1

I have to divert from jewelry for a minute and put on my tour guide hat to share a fun activity I recently enjoyed with my out-of-town family.  Have a free weekend and need a family outing close to Washington, D.C.?  Head to Fort Washington, Maryland to see Fort Washington built in 1809.  You will see cannons, views of D.C, a light house, learn some unknown American history and have open areas to run around and picnic.

Fort Washington is the fort you see across the Potomac when you drive on the George Washington Parkway.   From I95/495 take exit 3 (local lanes) and follow Indian Head Highway South MD210.  Go 4 miles and turn right on Fort Washington Road. The cost is only $5 per car.  

If you have time, ask the Park Ranger for the Junior Park Ranger activity book.   Together you and your kids can find answers to their age related questions and turn the book back in to the ranger for a badge.  My family recently did this same activity at Fort McHenry near Baltimore Inner Harbor and my 5 year old enjoyed working with her dad to answer the questions, get sworn in as a Junior Ranger and earn a badge.

While Fort Washington is being heavily renovated  you can still  have a great time and enjoy many unrestricted areas.  Kids will enjoy the sense of mystery and exploration.

Fort Washington
A lot of areas to explore.  
Many cannons.
This huge  24-lb cannon shares the view with the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and the Washington Monument. 
Mount Vernon is across the Potomac River.
The park has many places to explore under the walls of the fort.

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