Happy Buddha ~ Vacation inspirations

Happy Budda Necklace.  Fall 2010.
Fat and Happy.
Me and the kids on vacation. 
Beads I picked up on vacation.
Colors inspired by the river, rocks and mountains.

Happy Budda and two little happy Buddas.   This was my kids and I on vacation.   I like to say "fat and happy."  Isn't that what vacations are for?  

When I travel I like to pop into local bead stores and see what they have that is different.  While these Buddas were not made in Idaho, they did strike a cord with me that particular day.  

My Fall 2010 collection is going to be a nice mix of chunky colors like the Buddas, simple silver, and triple strand gems with handcrafted fine silver.   My jewelry for Fall 2010 will be available at local shows, home shows and Etsy.  

Since we moved to the Norther Virginia area last year I've been family focused and my jewelry took a smaller role.  This year my youngest child will enter all-day Kindergarden (yipee!) so I will now have the time to make my sales calls to local boutiques. 

My Etsy customers want to know where I went.   This summer, I have been beautifully busy with custom orders in fine silver.  Etsy is a wonderful site, except it is time consuming to create, take multiple photos, edit and post.  To make Etsy work for your home business you have to work it like a job.  As I get my Etsy site restocked and refocused I will post some how-to blogs.   

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