Rope swinging ~ Catch the feeling.

Me.  Happy, happy, happy!
Idaho on the Salmon River
Love his sweet cheeks.
Little athlete.  Reminds me of a Nike ad.  We had to yell "drop!"
Brave 5 year old.
 She got braver when the camera came into play.

Rope swinging in Idaho is one of my most favorite activities to do on vacation.  As a stay-home-busy-as-heck-mother, it is fun to let loose sometimes.  My brother, his family and my kids had a great time on the swing.  My 11-year old niece took this great photo of me on the rope swing one evening.  I warned them to watch out, I'm going to mug for the camera.  She caught it.   We all took turns trying to get that fun mid-air action shot.  

Jewelry inspirations.  
New to my collection Fall 2010.
This exhilaration you see in the photo is what I feel when I watch my kids do well in life, school and sports.  It is also a good, external, example of how I feel inside when I make jewelry and get a piece just right.  Goosebumps.  

Jewelry Inspirations.
 New to my collection Fall 2010

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