Trampoline Fun

Sports mode with continuous shots on my D5000 Nikon is a fun feature that I've been experimenting with lately.   We have a trampoline in our backyard since the summer and the kids love it.  They often wake up and go out in their pajamas, right after school, and anytime I say okay.  You cannot help it but get on yourself.   I can still do a flip.  Lots of giggles and a great workout for me.   They play kickball, tag, family and spy games.  The trampoline is wonderful for me because it's a like a playpen for older children.   I can see them from my kitchen window and know where they are without worry.

Rock on!
Dance like an Egyptian
Trying out cheer moves
"Mom, let's do airplane!"
Remind you of Phyllis Diller?
He's just too big to play airplane

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