Simple and Pretty ~ Pearls ~

Today I was back in action making jewelry.  It felt so good to put aside my many temptations (photography,) commitments (clubs and my husband's to-do list,) chores (too many to list,) and do what I love to do.  Make jewelry!  I feel very energized and creative today.

Unfortunately, I am at a forced stopping point because I blew out both of my hand-held torches.  Minor fireball and near disaster but I did not get injured.  At least, I got in 4 hours of quality jewelry time.

My first real customer (non-family or best friend) called me this week to order a piece of jewelry that represents something important going on in her life.  How touching and powerful.  I am very touched that she called me to create jewelry that symbolizes her place in life.  Think about what piece of jewelry you would wear that is special to you. 

I am starting a line of silver pebbles with the word "be..."  Be...what?  Fill in the blank.  Be...creative, joyful, happy, spiritual, loved, confident or just be...you.  My "be..." changes everyday.  I will share the finished jewelry soon.  In the meantime, have a look at my some of my simple and pretty pearls.

Silver and Pearls
Silver and Pearls
Have a great day!  Be creative and reflect on the things that make you happy.  Set time aside each day for you!  I did today, and my family will benefit.  Off to the pumpkin patch. 

Hampton Roads friends...I will be at Lee's Friends Oct. 25 and 26!  Come by and say hi!

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