Necklaces...organic vibe

These new necklace designs are finally brought to life after rattling around in my brain for a few years.  They are organic and interesting.  Each design is one of a kind like the spots on a giraffe or bubbles drawn together. 

sterling silver
oxidized Italian chain
giraffe spots

In editing these photos I hit a random button that made my background this vibrant blue.  The silver popped!

sterling silver

A funny story yesterday as I was making dinner.  In a serious and pleasant voice, my son (7) asked which I thought was harder being a kid and going to school all day and then coming home to do homework or being a parent?  I asked what he thought.  He said he has it harder because it does not look too hard when I fold laundry and watch TV.  Oh, he got me.  My secret is out.  I told him my job is pretty easy because he and his sister are good kids.

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