Why I love My Digital SLR ~ Lollipop Race

This summer we had a blast at our neighborhood pool and swim team.  After a few small swim meets across the diving area, my tadpole finally got to swim in a "real" swim meet.  This meet was different.  You won large colorful lollipop if you won your heat.  My little tadpole is very food motivated (it runs in the family.)  As she sat in her pink sunburst chair waiting for her race she showed all the signs of a fierce competitor. You cannot help but notice the smirk of confidence.  Nobody was going to get that large lollipop but her.  She knew it.

I'm so glad I had my DSLR to capture this story and some great memories of our summer.
The smirk
She got it!
And another!
This is what she rather be doing.
When swim team season started she asked me to tell
her coach that she does all of her swimming
under water.


  1. So cute!!!!! Love the pics, Wendy!!!

    ~ Karyn Price

  2. So awesome! My camera has developed a big spot on the lens (one of the bad things about it was its constantly dangling lens cap!)
    I had bought a Canon that had a bigger lens, but not the SLR.
    I think its time for me to switch to the real deal.
    Which one do you have? My problem with most is how heavy they are, heavier than the non-digital ones were.

  3. Camille,

    Sounds like a good time to upgrade. I hear my Canon friends talk about the Canon Mark II, Canon Rebel, Canon 40D. I have a Nikon D5000 but I'd like to upgrade also. My Nikon was a Costco kit.