Cherry Blossoms 2012: After the Party

The Cherry Blossom trees in Washington, D.C. are so pretty and a perfect location for a photography lover.  This year we missed the peak, but still enjoyed the beauty.  The ground was pink with petals.  Petals blew in the breeze and gathered in pools of pink along the paths and in the water.  This year my photography outing tells a different story of the cherry blossom.  After the party...

Jefferson Memorial.
 Windy weather.
Choppy water.
Petals flying.

Cherry blossoms.
So delicate.
White and soft pink.

Petals cresting on the waves.

Reaching for the sun.

Confetti petals.
We missed the party.

Cradled in the tree.


Similar, yet different.
Washington Monument in the background.

Gnarled and wise.
Still producing beauty.

New growth.

Glowing in the sun.

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