Snow Day!

No school.  Snow day number one for this week.  We headed to the school for some sledding with friends.   I brought along my camera and a new lens (Nikon 70-300 with VR) which I bought for baseball season.  The fast sleds let me practice my "zoom-focus" skills, suggested by a professional photographer, to get great action shots.  He suggested I sit in my driveway and "zoom-focus" on cars as they drove.  I'm not sure what my neighbors would say about that method.  Sledding photography was much more fun!  

Snow days are fun, exhausting, and really special if you don't mind getting off your schedule and losing your alone time to be productive.  Okay, my alone time isn't always productive, but I need that time.  My jewelry making time took a hit, but we played spy games, went sledding, lunched with friends, battled with Nerf guns, watched movies, made scented soap, read books, put together puzzles.  Phew!  Two-days down, four to go.

She took off her glasses and I got a rare shot of her beautiful blue eyes.

Snowflakes and freckles

Picking the fastest route.

I had to jump out of the way as he went off the path and nearly got me.

Peeking to see if she was at the end yet.  

She smiles when she gets to the bottom so I know she is having fun. 

Wet, heavy snow and sleet.
Night shot.  Highest ISO.
 Trees were cracking and broken branches litter my yard.

Night shot with my camera on the highest ISO.
 It was pitch black outside, except for some porch lights.
 It's amazing how bright the photos turned out.
  I was hanging out the bathroom window to get this shot.
 The moss on the tree shows up as a hint of green.


  1. Great Pictures! love the last one of the tree... I would love to paint it!

  2. CP - Thanks, you are welcome to paint it. :)