Reflecting on Back-to-School. Photographic failure.

As a parent of young children back-to-school morning is a big day.  Almost as much as it is for the kids, wouldn't you agree?  As a parent with a nice camera and a bit of skill you have high expectations of how you are going to capture the special morning.  I'm finally getting over my sense of photography failure and now can see the humor in the day.   These are the photos I captured.  I'm not just showing you the bad ones.  

She's excited to get to school and won't slow down for a photo.  He's pensive.

When she runs past him she sees how he is playing cool and tries to act like him.
 She avoids my camera.

Yes, I'm still behind you...

They will not stop for a photo.
I slowly stalk them to school.
Planning my next move. 

I plead for photo.
He won't stop.
 She turns around and gives me brief moment, but it's not what I want.

I repose her for better light and plead again for a photo.
She negotiates and agrees to one more shot.

"This IS my good smile" through clinched teeth.

My last chance as we arrive at the crossing guard.
"Give mom a kiss goodbye."

Fat chance.
Until next year.
 I will work on a new strategy.
I go home and see on Facebook all the wonderful photographs my friends take of their children on back-to-school day.
Sigh...I laugh even harder. 

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